lørdag 13. desember 2014

Erik's musical Advent calendar - December 13

CeeLo Green feat. The Muppets - All I Need Is Love

On CeeLo Green's Magic Christmas, released in 2012, the powerful soul singer recruited the help of the Muppets for the song "All I Need Is Love" and made the Christmas preparations a whole lot lighter and more good-natured. Actor Craig Robinson turns up in the video portaying an eggnog-guzzling Santa Claus, and there is also a muppet version of CeeLo present called Lo-Co. So, if you're not smiling after watching this, there's probably something seriously wrong with you. I mean, who in their right mind does not love The Muppets? Also, do watch the credits as they roll, because the jokes go on and on.

Watch and listen

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