fredag 28. februar 2014

Bjøro Håland - Wichita Lineman

In Norway there's a television program called Trygdekontoret (translates into "the dole") that takes a wry look at our society and is led by the enigmatic Thomas Seltzer. Two days ago the new season premiered, and as always the show ends with a musical act that for one reason or another is bound to surprise people. This time around was no exception, as the decidedly uncool and aged (he just turned 70) but still highly gifted country singer Bjøro Håland did a beautiful version of Jimmy Webb's "Wichita Lineman" which just happens to be one of the best songs ever written in the history of popular music. Although no match for Glen Campbell's 1968 original, it's still a hell of a good version. Thank you, Bjøro, and thank you, Thomas! This was much appreciated!

Watch and listen


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