onsdag 12. juni 2013

Bah Samba & The Fatback Band - Let The Drums Speak (Phil Asher remix)

The UK record label Hed Kandi has specialized in creating smooth, listener-friendly house/disco compilations that work across the board, both in a chillout fashion and a party fashion. The label also arrange club and party events across the world - to great success. "Let The Drums Speak" is an old funk number by The Fatback Band, who has received a shared credit with Bah Samba (a UK band I think) because of the heavy sampling on this "housed-up" version. And yes, I do prefer the house version. Listening to Bah Samba simply makes me happy. The song features on the Hed Kandi compilation Beach House 60, as well as on Bah Samba's own Beach Party Dance Mix Album. Eight minutes of summertime bliss, here you are:



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