torsdag 25. september 2014

Carlos Santana - Tales Of Kilimanjaro

"Tales Of Kilimanjaro" is originally an instrumental track from Santana's underrated 1981 album Zebop!, co-credited to the man himself as well as keyboardist Alan Pasqua and the two percussionists Raul Rekow and Armando Peraza. This is in every way classic Santana, with the trademark latin flair that marked the band's albums from the eponymous 1969 debut and onwards. This version is actually lifted from Carlos Santana's 1983 solo album Havana Moon, with the difference mainly being this one is a bit longer. It's a beautiful jam that lasts for under five minutes, but if they had continued for an additional five minutes it would only have added to the pleasantness, it's the kind of song that could just go and on and on and on...



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