lørdag 13. september 2014

Alpha Blondy - Brigadier Sibari

How famous some people may be, they are often famous in a few countries only. So for me to know Alpha Blondy, superstar in France, his native Ivory Coast and other places I'm sure, was, until a few days ago, an impossibity, or at least close to one, being Norwegian. I did however visit a restaurant on the Italian island Sardinia a few days ago when the song "Brigadier Sabari" appeared over the sound system, and a friend of mine living in Spain at once told me, "Wow, this is Alpha Blondy!" And here we are, I have discovered a fabulous artist who's been around for more than 30 years. I still haven't heard many songs of his but I do like him. Alpha Blondy (or Seydou Koné as he was born in the former French colony Ivory Coast on the very first day of 1953) is a very popular reggae artist who made his debut album Jah Glory from which "Brigadier Sabari" is lifted in 1982. The live clip below is from a Paris show in 2009 where I would have loved to be. A great song, performed by a wonderful singer and an equally good band. Alpha Blondy? I'll check him out now!

Watch and listen

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