torsdag 30. mai 2013

Reboot - Beautiful Parasite

Last weekend I attended the opening night at Ibiza's Hotel Ushuaïa where famous DJs like Luciano and Sven Väth were holding court. Another guy that was playing is the German DJ Frank Heinrich otherwise known as Reboot. His set was awesome, and he created quite a vibe. You have to understand that this is totally uncharted territories for yours truly, so I probably don't know what I'm talking about here. Still, I loved every second of it. "Beautiful Parasite" is a 2012 track, that he may or may not have played during his set. It sounds familiar, but that doesn't really mean that much as it all sounds pretty similar to me. This should nevertheless be good for some grooving and bumping and grinding for about 15 minutes. Hypnotic and, I think, quite interesting.



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